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FBI Agent Escorted From Building After Burying Hunter Biden Laptop Story

The Deep State exposed, yet again.

Biden Says ‘Brave Right Wing’ Americans Will Need F-15’s to Oppose Him

For a man whose campaign portrayed him as a "healer" and a "uniter", Joe Biden sure seems hellbent on stoking division and anger among the electorate...and all for political gain.

Taiwan Takes Aim at Chinese Aircraft in Shocking Escalation

This could be the beginning of some serious trouble.

Dog Acting Weird on Sunday Night? Here’s Why!

After several pet owners reported simultaneously strange behavior from their furry friends, science went looking for an answer.

GOP Governor Demands Biden Apologize for ‘Semi-Fascism’ Comment

President Joe Biden's dangerous rhetoric is growing more turgid by the day.

Trump Issues WILD Statement Aimed at FBI Agents

Trump is taking his fight directly to the FBI.