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Biden Suggests Changing Second Amendment: ‘Never Absolute’

If Joe Biden thought his approval ratings were abysmal before Memorial Day, just wait until Americans get a lot of what he's trying to...

Biden Offers Suggestion for Robb Elementary Site After Senseless Massacre

Local lawmakers seemed to be in agreement.

Memorial Day Favorites Skyrocket in Cost Thanks to Biden-Flation

And the President seems to have no solution in sight.

Russian Default Seems Certain as US Drops the Hammer

This is going to hurt Moscow in a BIG WAY.

Secret Service Agents Sent Home After EMBARRASSING Incident

This will give the agency a black eye for the foreseeable future.

Biden to Send Troops to Ukraine in WILD Flip-Flop

This seems worrisome...

Russia Turns to GLOBAL RANSOM as Ukraine Failures Mount

Vladimir Putin may only have a few cards left to play, and it shows.