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Russians Emptying ATM Machines, Bank Accounts After Putin’s Failures

Putin has brought this upon himself.

Belarus Set to Bail Out Putin with Troops and Nukes

Putin had to call in the cavalry.

VIDEO: English Pub Patrons FREAK OUT After Ghostly Beer Spill

You have to see this to believe it!

Trump Explains Why Putin Wouldn’t Dare Invade Ukraine While He was President

“Had I been in office, not even thinkable. This would never have happened".

Secret Service Added to Security Theater Surrounding Trucker Protest

All the world's a stage, certainly, and the Biden administration certainly knows a thing or two about how to manufacture a villain. 

Ukrainian Gov’t Gives Residents of Kyiv TERRIFYING Instructions

Things are turning dire in the Ukrainian capital.

Biden Denies Trump’s Privilege Request Regarding White House Visitor Logs

The vindictive move comes after a long campaign of "healing" promises from Biden.

Chernobyl Power Plant Attacked by Russia, Nuke Waste Facility Demolished

Unforgivable. Putin must be stopped.