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Food Supply Chain in Danger as Ransomware Spreads!

All after Colonial decided to admit to paying their ransom!

CNN Receives Un-Redacted Giuliani Court Docs…Somehow

This is more than a little peculiar...

Anti-Trump RAT Films MAGA Jogger Who Chased Him Through Park

Cohen is lucky, however, as snitches usually get stitches...

Navy Drops INSANE New UFO Bombshell Ahead of Major ‘Disclosure’

Maybe we shouldn't be looking solely into the skies ...

Virtual Student Told to Remove Trump Banner from Wall, But Gets The Last Laugh!

The teacher may or may not have had a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

In Midst of Sex Trafficking Scandal, Congressman Calls for Armed Assault on Big Tech?!

That's one way to get some attention, but attention is not what Matt Gaetz needs right now.

YOUR TAX $’s AT WORK: Feds Interviewed San Jose Shooter in 2016

We don't exactly have Sherlock Holmes working at DHS, do we?

Facebook Forced to Reverse Course on Previous Censorship!

Zuckerberg has egg on his face.