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President Trump Accused of SABOTAGING Georgia Senate Races!

Trump's team was not happy about the characterization.

Trump Pumps up January 6th Date, Will Return to DC for the Occasion

It's the final round of the President's fight for four more years, and he wouldn't miss it for the world.

MAJOR MOVE: Senator Will OBJECT to Electoral College Results on Jan. 6th!

This could be just the opening that President Trump needs to remain in office.

Pentagon Lashes Out at Biden Transition Team After Wild Accusations Fly

Things are getting heated in on The Beltway.

Roger Stone Has Pow-Wow with POTUS, Lays Out Plan to Keep Trump in Office

Is Roger Stone going to save Trump's second term?

Bernie Sanders Prepares Filibuster…on Behalf of President Trump?!

Someone check the thermometers in Hell...might have frozen over.

Joe Biden Throws Hissy Fit as DOD and OMB Block Transition

Meanwhile, Trump and his supporters are eyeing January 6th as the end-all, be-all date to secure four more years.

Bipartisan Effort Overrides President Trump’s Veto of MAJOR Bill

Could this be an indicator of wavering support for the President among congressional Republicans?