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Democrats’ Thirst for Power Has Them Pushing to ADD NEW STATES to the Country

Desperation is a stinky cologne, and the Democrats appear to be bathing in it.

Hollywood A-Lister Says Trump ‘Needs a Beating’, Drags Chris Wallace’s Debate Moderation

Mighty bold statement coming from a guy with a long history of asinine behavior.

SWITCHEROO! Prominent GOP Figure Goes to Work on Biden Transition Team

The 2020 election is the strangest we've ever seen...and getting weirder by the day.

Leftist Newspaper Begins Preparing Liberals to SECEDE FROM THE NATION!

If the Democrats can't win the game, they're just going to stop playing.

Louisville SWAT’s Take on Breonna Taylor Crime Scene Has Activists FREAKING OUT

This doesn't bode well for peace in the streets of Louisville.

Trump and Biden Spar Over President’s Drug Test Debate Demands

Who would have thought that we'd ever get to this point?

President FURIOUS After New York Times Releases Twenty Years of Tax Info

The Commander in Chief was absolutely livid.