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Wisconsin Lt. Governor Sends Direct and Incendiary Message to President Trump

The presidency was once a well-respected position within American political culture.

Joe Biden Says Trump is To Blame for Death of His Own Supporter in...

This may very well be a new low for the Democratic Party, and it will certainly invigorate the Trump base to vote come November. 

Joe Biden’s Campaign is OVER After President Trump Dropped TRUTH BOMB!

Go ahead and order the champagne, Don.

With Less Than 4 Months to Go, A Major Shakeup Hits Trump 2020 Campaign

This isn't a great look with only 4 months left to go.

Mainstream Media Lies Again, as Outside Agitators Caught Stoking Kenosha Chaos

This is not a right or left issue:  This is an anarchy issue.

MUST SEE: BLM Activists Harass Rand Paul and Wife as They Leave White...

Paul estimated the agitators to number in the hundreds, but video of the incident revealed that this was an exaggeration.

Mets, Marlins Spend Nearly A Minute On The Field Before Leaving in Protest

The future of sports in America seems uncertain at this point, but that's likely only due to the fact that the future of America seems a little uncertain as well. 

TITANIC STAR: MAGA Hats are The Same Thing as KKK Hoods

This ridiculous assertion will be hard to top before the November election, but I suppose the left has two months still to try.