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Several MLB Players OPT OUT of 2020 Season Citing COVID Concerns

This is just another asterisk to put into the record books for 2020 - a year that will already live in infamy among sports fans. 

Trump to DROP OUT of 2020 Race?! Some Experts Believe So!

This would be an unprecedented move but, then again, what do you expect from 2020?

President Retweets Then Deletes Video of Trump Supporter Shouting ‘White Power’

The rise of overt racism in America has been alarming as of late, and if President Trump isn't quick to vilify these mongrels, he'll be up to his eyebrows in bigotry. 

Coronavirus Second Wave Forces ANOTHER Lone Star Lockdown

This could get ugly in a hurry.

New England To Monitor Behavior of Visitors from COVID Hotspots

It's like 1984, but somehow worse?