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American Sports Return on May 17th! Sort of….

It's no baseball, but it'll do for now.

During Pandemic, This State Allows Parents to Issue Drivers Licenses for Their Children

As if the traffic wasn't already bad enough...

Armed Americans STORM into State Capitol, Demanding End to Lockdown

The protests appear poised to continue well into Friday, which is known colloquially as "MAGA May Day".

House Democrat Calls for Investigation into Biden Sex Assault Allegations

Even the Democrats are beginning to recognize that Biden's time is coming.

Big Apple Mayor Accused of Fostering Antisemitism with Angry Tweets Aimed at NYC Jews

You would think someone in that position of power would know better...

Lower Chamber of Congress Refuses to Come to Work as Americans Await Stimulus

Our "public servants" apparently forgot who they serve.

Famous Radio Host Says Trump Supporters Should ‘Drink Disinfectant’ and ‘Drop Dead’

The despicable epithet is just the latest in a long line of anti-Trump remarks coming form the cult of celebrity, but it may just be one of the most offensive and uncalled-for yet.