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Captain of Nuclear Aircraft Carrier Begs Feds to Save Virus-Stricken Crew Members

What do we do when the bravest among us need help?

Holocough Deniers Push ‘#FilmYourHospital’ on Twitter to Prove Virus is a Hoax

Many social media users were furious about the whole affair.

Cruise Ship Headed for Ft. Lauderdale Gets Turned Around by City’s Mayor

Several passengers were already reported dead upon the ship.

DHS Puts the SMACK DOWN on Liberals Trying to Close ‘Nonessential’ Gun Shops

Every once in a blue moon, the feds do have our back.

OH THE IRONY: Crowds Gather to Watch Navy Hospital Ship Dock in NYC

It doesn't get much DUMBER than this!

Dr. Fauci Reveals Prediction for American Deaths in Virus Crisis

The figure has many Americans growing nervous.

President Trump Reveals When He Believes Coronavirus ‘Peak’ Will Occur in USA

In this case, the good news IS the bad news...and vice versa.

Actor From ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Thor’ Arrested by FBI for Selling Coronavirus ‘Cure’

In the end, this is the sort of story that would be considered too unrealistic to be made into a movie - even in the Marvel Universe.