200 Seattle Cops Could Walk Off The Job for INSANE Reason

In the city of Seattle, much as it is elsewhere in the United States, crime is thriving.

There are several factors that are likely contributing to this uptick in uncouth behavior, with the economic burden of a pandemic stewing with political unrest and a fair amount of doomsday nihilism to create a devil may care attitude among Americans.

In Seattle, where residents are already complaining about this increase in trouble, there are now fears that nearly 200 police officers may simply be out of a job come October, and for a hotly debated reason.

Some 200 Seattle police officers may lose their jobs due to their resistance to getting vaccinated against COVID-19 or handing over personal medical data, according to a report.

That represents about 20 percent of the department’s deployable staff and the ailing agency has already lost 300 cops following last year’s push to defund law enforcement organizations, KTTH conservative talk radio host Jason Rantz reported Monday.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced a sweeping order in August requiring most state employees to get vaccinated by Oct. 18 or face termination. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan put out a similar mandate for city employees, including police officers, the Seattle Times reported last month.

The mandate was not well received within the law enforcement community.

Hours later, the Seattle Police Officers Guild said Durkan did not consult the union before ordering the mandate while noting that the police department was already mired in a “staffing crisis” that has partly contributed to an uptick in crime.

“Given this crisis, which in part resulted in an alarming crime wave, can Seattle now endure more losses of police officers due to Mayor Durkan’s vaccination order?” the union said in an Aug. 9 statement.

The idea of government-mandated COVID-19 vaccines has been incredibly controversial for Americans, especially as guidance surrounding dosage and timing seems to be shifting all the time.