Israeli Official Speaks Out Over Lack Of Support


May Golan is the Minister for the Advancement of the Status of Women for Israel and recently gave an interview on Israel’s Channell 14 and took former First Lady Michelle Obama to the cleaners.

Golan discussed Michele’s strong condemnation when terrorists in Nigeria kidnapped 276 girls. Obama started an online campaign called #BringBackOurGirls in an attempt to start online pressure of world leaders to rescue the girls.

Golan noted that several international women’s groups were vocal, but after the Hamas October 7 attack, they have been silent.

“It’s impossible to trust these institutions anymore. From my perspective, they don’t have any relevance anymore,” she said.

Then Golan outed Michelle Obama.

The Israeli official said that they contacted her to speak out against Hamas atrocities and that she got no answer.

“Not a word. And we approached her …”

“Oh, this is new. You approached Michelle Obama — ” Channel 14 host Erel Segal prompted.

Unambiguously,” Golan interrupted.

“ — please condemn the case of the slaughter of the 7th of October, and Michelle Obama did not agree to condemn it?” Segal finished.

“I’ll tell you more than that,” Golan answered. “I sent her a description, in authentic, sworn testimony, by people who told about the collection of severed female organs from women who had been raped, on broken pelvises, about shocking things that … I don’t want to continue to say in the Israel media. We know that the request has been received. She is not in a political position; she can certainly respond. Silence from her, from all the other female celebrities.”

About a week after the October attack, there are reports that Michell Obama did discuss the atrocity but did not condemn Hamas.

“I’m like all Americans watching the images coming out of the region,” Obama reportedly stated. “I can say that, as a mother, I cannot wrap my arms around how people must be feeling. I can’t get the images of those young people who were gunned down attending a music festival because those kids were the age of my daughters.”